Have you ever compete with anyone?

Have anyone played a dirty politics with you by thinking as you are their competitor?

Most of you would say yes.


You might have faced unhealthy competitions from so many members in your life.

It might be at your workplace or in sports or in your business wherever it may be.

You might think they are your competitors.

Actually it is not. They are not your competitors.

Once a girl was attending Bharatanatyam dance class.

She was so interested and attended the classes regularly without skipping even a single day.

But she couldn’t follow the steps properly as other fellow students.

It was same even after few months of training.

Then she herself decided and asked her teacher,

What’s wrong with me?

Why am I unable to follow the steps as like your other students?

When will I be able to do it properly?

Her teacher replied that it happens when you stop watching at your co-dancers.

That’s it.

Hope you got my point now.

You stop looking at others instead concentrate on your self development and improve yourself.

You are the competitor for yourself.

Yes. You have your competitor within you not outside.

When you understand and implement this, you would come to know practically that you are the only healthy competitor for yourself.

Have you identified your competitor now? If yes, I am very much eager to know about your competitor through your comments.

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