This is Dhivya,

A Professional with 10+ years of experience in Sales Operations, Procurement and People Handling.

Handled various levels of Projects worldwide and i got very good professional experience from the organisations where i worked.

Suddenly there was a need to take a short break in my career before 2 years, I accepted the same without any options and it made me bored.

I thought that i don’t want to be idle anymore. So i started doing research for my career growth.

One more reason for this research was being bored of continuing the same thing in my career repeatedly.

And I came to know the different options to enrich my career and listed out, parallely I didn’t want to move away totally from the knowledge i gained through my previous experiences.

So i chose to learn Digital Marketing through some online courses, thinking that would give me an added advantage to my career but fortunately i found my interest in writing through that course.

Instead of concentrating on my new era, I  diverted into Blog writing.

Though i was not much aware about content writing I was so interested to learn more about it and started writing for my blog about generating Positivity around the people.

Then i realized that blogging without having the deep knowledge of Digital Marketing would not fetch my blog to rank in Search Engine and i could not monetize it.

It was the initiative where i started learning Digital Marketing consistently by enrolling with a digital marketing internship program conducting by a Powerful Digital Mentor Digital Deepak. You can refer my friend Kireeti Lakka’s blog to know more about digital marketing and also Sai Swaroop’s blog to know about 5 Free Marketing Automation tools which makes digital marketer’s life more easier.


Currently I am enriching my career in digital platforms and there is a long way to go.


That’s about me as of now.

Do you like to know about my 2.O version which is in the year of 2025?

If yes, please click on this “my version 2.O” and bless me to achieve the same.

Thank you for your kind blessings !!

And I would like to share the Impacts of the year 2020 in my Life.


Founder – Lime Fresh

Blogger | Digital Marketer – Digi Dhivya