Why do you hang Lemon and Chilli in your House/Shop/Vehicle?

Do you know the reason why we are hanging Lemon and Chilli in our prestigious places?

Yes. Usually, People say that Lemon and chilli keep bad evils away from our place. Bad evils include evil spirits, negative energy, people having bad eyes, bad thoughts, etc.,

This custom prevents all those negativities from entering your area. Apart from these traditional reasons, some scientific reasons are also there, and we will see those things here.

First, Let’s see where we hang it.

Where do you place Lemon and Chilli?

  • Infront of your House
  • Infront of your Shop/Office
  • Near to Driver in the Vehicle
  • Under Tire of your Vehicle
  • Any place where you think as Precious

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Hanging Lemon and Chilli? Why?

In ancient days when the technology was not that much advanced, since the pesticides were not available, our ancestors invented this Lemon and chilli as an insecticide to protect themselves from insects, mosquitoes, etc., 

When the Lemon and chilli are tied up with a cotton thread, the thread that passes through the Lemon absorbs the juice extract from it, then the smell of it gets spread into the surrounding environment with the help of air.

This smell helps prevent mosquitoes and insects from entering your home or office. Chilli also has the nature of killing germs; hence, it acts as a germ killer.

Also, the smell from Lemon spreads positive vibes; naturally, it makes you live a pleasant and healthy life.

Alright. We have seen the reason for hanging Lemon and Chilli in our house. Let’s see the reason for keeping Lemon in our Vehicles.

Why do you hang Lemon into your Vehicle?

Hanging Lemon and Chilli

The smell from Lemon keeps you Fresh for a long time, so if you hang the Lemon in your Vehicle, it keeps you fresh, and it prevents you from sleeping.

Guess you are driving your Vehicle. Sometimes you may feel sleepy, but this smell produced by Lemon keeps you awake to at least some extent.

This is the reason people hang Lemon in the Vehicle.

Alright. Then what is the reason behind the lemons placed under the Tyres before starting the vehicle for any good reason?

If you see, there is no reason behind it. This custom came from the old bullock carts, where the bulls were frequently used to get infections on the toe due to muddy roads.

They made the bull stand on the lemon to prevent such infections in the toe before traveling. But we are still following it in our modern vehicle tires without any reason.

Benefits of Hanging Lemon and Chilli

  • The Cotton thread absorbs negativity
  • Protects you from Bad Evil Spirits, Bad Eyes, Bad Thoughts
  • Prevents Mosquitoes and Insects from entering inside
  • Produces Pleasant Environment
  • Generates Positive Energy


One notable piece of information here is that you should not touch the Lemon and Chilli directly with your hand, which was hung for a few days because it may lead to infections. It will help if you use cloth for disposal.

These traditions save you from all bad things and keep you positive. As we see in all our traditions, this practice also has scientific reasons untold by our ancestors.

Hence, follow our Traditions after knowing the Facts behind them to benefit you better.

Thank you for reading!!

To know more about the facts behind our traditions, read here.

Would you please share your thoughts in the comments if you know any or share your views on the above-read information?


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You have written an excellent book that should raise lots of eyebrows. Of course much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the matter. Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research. I admire you. I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on. I say more power to you!

Kasthuri Raman


Simply Superb. Easy to read and understand the things what it is. It is very useful those who are going to have kid who can get the easy parenting tips. First you change yourself what you want your kid to be which one is going to change myself also. Thank you for your tips. I expect more from you keep going.



Author summarized the parenting in simple way, which can be understand by all easily. Good one and I feel its important for all know about parenting. All the best!

Vinoth Kumar

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