In my previous post, we had seen that the others are nowhere competitors for you.

And you are the only healthy competitor for yourself.

Let me explain you now how it is going to give the good result for you.

You might have some goal in your life.

For example, now you are in 2021, you want to become an Entrepreneur in 5 years that is at 2026, then the version of you at 2026 has to be the competitor for you right now.

Then at 2026, you would have some other goal to achieve, it might be you want to develop your organization from a start up to a 100Cr turnover company in another 5 years that is at 2031.

Then the version of you at 2031 has to be the competitor for you at 2026.

Likewise you can have your developed version of you as your competitor and work on it to achieve your goal more faster than your competitor that is you.

This is from you can get the best result compare to others.

You may disagree with me what if I don’t have any goal in my life.

Yes you are right but in that case there would not be any necessity for healthy competition or unhealthy competition, right?

I hope the things are clear now.

Please give your feedbacks about this thought and of course I would like to know about your next version.