Do you want to know who is my hero?

Yeah! It’s me..

Confusing, right?

But it’s true.

My next version is my hero.

I would be going to achieve my desire, passion and also my goal, a day in my life.

That day, my version of me is my hero and she is my competitor as well.

I just explain you how it works.

You might have someone in your life as a hero or role model to follow with.

Or at least you might have admired about someone with his qualities and achievements in his life.


There is a lot of chance that you and your role model would have similar qualities and desires because you get inspired mostly when you have the similarities.

As such, you have your developed version as your hero or role model (u can call it with the name whichever suits for you), Get inspired and put your full effort to chase the position of him/her.

When you get inspired by someone, naturally you would follow him/her without worrying much about anything.

So if you do this, I am sure you can achieve your goal automatically.

You can name this in a better way as Self Competition.

Yes. You are competing with yourself and it is the best ever healthy competition in your life. Like no ego no jealous no envy at all.

So it is always better to compete with yourself not with others.

Hope you like my thought and please share your views in the comment box.

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