Imagining a life without mobile, internet, computers and all gadgets.

I am very excited to look into that life. It brings me the remembrance of my old days in front of my eyes.

Yes we didn’t have any of the above gadgets in those days and lived a different life.

Instead of meeting in video calls, we met each other in person.

We chat more while meeting in person and the face to face interaction gave more closeness towards each other.

If that is the situation now again, it is really difficult to manage without any gadgets.

Because we already settled down with those things and those were grown up along with us.

So we can’t even imagine that life especially without Smartphone and Internet.

If there were no mobile and Internet, we couldn’t imagine how would we have faced the covid pandemic situation.

We can take it in two different ways. It became sensational only by the social media so that lot of awareness had been created. Another way of taking it is, if there were no such medias available, people might not get suffered from their mental illness. Yes when we hear the same negative thing repeatedly, our mental health will affect automatically.

So there are both positives and negatives in it. You need to make use of new technologies and the available gadgets for your developments alone. Don’t waste your valuable time on it for unnecessary activities and don’t spoil your health too.