Dr. Senthilvel’s advice for Parents regarding Children’s Screen Time, Food Habits, Covid Symptoms, Post Covid Complications, etc., in Tamil.
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I invited Dr. Senthivel, MBBS., MD., Pediatrician from Bharathi Hospital, Namakkal on behalf of National Doctor’s day to share his knowledge to create awareness among the people about the Covid vaccination and also to clear some of the queries we have in our mind as a parent.


He was so humble and supportive to answer all my queries and I am glad that I had met such a supportive person as a part of my Youtube Channel.


Here are the key takeaways from Dr. Senthilvel’s advise,

  1. Any Symptoms of a child which are different from usual like Fever, Cold or anything can be taken into the consultation of a doctor is better in this Pandemic situation.

2. Post Covid Symptoms of Children like Extreme Tiredness, Vomiting, Diarrhea, etc., may lead to complications.

3. Screen Time issues like Eye Sight issues, Headache, Mental Stress, etc., can be avoided by following some of the Exercises like 20-20-20 rule, 20 seconds of break for every 20 minutes by focussing on the object in the distance of 20 feet, blinking exercises, etc., 

4. Regular food system can be followed for Children to get the immunity power unless there is any deficiency or any issue in the body.

5. It doesn’t mean that the healthy person will not get affected by Covid. Social Distancing and Vaccination are the only solutions we have to protect ourselves.

Hearty and Special Thanks to Doctor sir on behalf of me and the viewers for sharing such a valuable information.

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