Information shared by our Dr. Senthilvel, MBBS., MD., General Physician and Pediatrician.

I invited Dr. Senthivel, MBBS., MD. , Pediatrician from Bharathi Hospital, Namakkal on behalf of National Doctor’s day to share his knowledge to create awareness among the people about the Covid vaccination and also to clear some of the queries we have in our mind as a parent.

He was so humble and supportive to answer all my queries and I am glad that I had met such a supportive person as a part of my Youtube Channel.

Here are the key takeaways from Dr. Senthilvel’s advise,

      1. Information that we received as the children will be the most affected category in the 3rd wave is an assumption based on the metrics of other Countries.

      2. Two reasons for the Variants of Covid Virus are Development Cycle of Virus and non – maintenance of Social Distancing  between the people. Lack of awareness among the people is the notable reason.

     3. Government advised to get vaccine for Pregnant Women based on the metrics that the death percentage of pregnant women who are vaccinated are very less compared to the pregnant women who are not vaccinated. So getting vaccinated is advised with the consultation of your Doctor.

     4. Baby will be protected due to the immunity gets from the lactation so it is highly recommended to get vaccinated for the Lactating Women.

     5. Post Vaccination Symptoms of Lactating Women will not affect the baby so there is no need to worry about feeding.

     6. MMR (Measles and Mumps Rubella) Vaccine: Mumps has the chance of giving Protection for the Children from Covid.

     7. Other Vaccines injected to the Children till the age of 2 years will give the immunity power but it will not fight against the Coronavirus directly.

     8. People who have complications in the body can wait for vaccination for 2 weeks after the recovery but they are not restricted to get vaccine. Even the diabetics and heart patients are more advised for the vaccination with the consultation of their doctor.

     9. Both Covaxin and Covidshield have their own parameters to protect us from Covid so any vaccine can be preferred based on the availability.

    10. Two doses of vaccinations are advised as of now. Requirements of booster doses are based on the situation and the research is going on for that.

     11. Vaccination will protect you from the severity of Covid attack rather it will not protect totally from it so it will be transferred from one person to another though vaccinated.

     12. Any Symptoms of a child which are different from usual like Fever, Cold or anything can be taken into the consultation of a doctor is better in this Pandemic situation.

     13. Post Covid Symptoms of Children like Extreme Tiredness, Vomiting, Diarrhea, etc., may lead to complications.

     14. Screen Time issues like Eye Sight issues, Headache, Mental Stress, etc., can be avoided by following some of the Exercises like 20-20-20 rule, 20 seconds of break for every 20 minutes by focussing on the object in the distance of 20 feet, blinking exercises, etc., 

     15. Regular food system can be followed for Children to get the immunity power unless there is any deficiency or any issue in the body.

     16. It doesn’t mean that the healthy person will not get affected by Covid. Social Distancing and Vaccination are the only solutions we have to protect ourselv

If you would like to watch the full video, you can watch it here.

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/y9E1G-tMtys


Part 2 – https://youtu.be/tvjfZgkL9uo


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