Do you worry that your owner gets all the benefits only from your hard work?

Is it so?

You might say Yes or No. It is based on the experience you have with your owner.

I have never seen him working on the factory where the factory labours are suffering all the time sometimes even with double shifts to meet the deadline of the production.

I have never seen him working on the Towers and hanging over there even at this hot summer being an Electrician.

I have never seen him working on the construction of any building being a Carpenter.

I have never seen him working on the ground for laying the cables being a Layman.

I have never seen him working on the automobiles by identifying the malfunctions and resolving it being a Mechanic.

Is that mean he is not putting his efforts for the company’s growth you are working?

He might not be working physically at factory, building, ground, Towers, etc., but you are working there for the company which is made only by the efforts and hard works of him.

Instead of working physically, he manages everything and put his efforts to move us ahead.

No companies are recognised unless there is a good quantity of hardwork by the owner though it might be a startup or a well branded organization.

Everyone’s efforts and hard works are mandatory right from the owner to the last level of employees.

What happens when you are working with a bad management?

All your efforts leave you only with the experience you earn sometimes not that too.

Hence everyone including the owners are working people here and nowhere the employees alone are the labours.

I wish all the hardworking personalities and also my special wishes to the owners and the management of all the organizations

“Happy Labour’s Day”.

Wish you all success!!

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