Parenting is not that easy to handle with and you might have a lot of questions in your mind such as how can we be a happy parent and how can we be a good parent to our kids, etc.,

You will get different varieties of answers for all your queries through a community.

To have immediate assistance,

you can visit the blog of my friend Bhawana to know the 5 ways to Engage Your Kids at Home, 5 ways to Engage Your Kids at Home.


also you can visit the blog of my friend Garima to know how to reduce the Kid’s Screen Time, Kid’s Screen Time, A Matter of Concern.

To have an overview about what are all the things would be discussed in that community and how it benefits you in your life and your kids before joining in that, I had conducted a LIVE Webinar called “Happy Parenting with Positive Mindset – Community Launch Webinar”

From this video, you would understand the necessity of being a part of this community because parenting is such a vast area which cannot be described in a video or book.

So I hope you like this idea of creating a community and this is the link of the community “Happy Parenting with Positive Mindset” to join.

You can join in that and you can share this link in your circle also whoever interested they can be a part of it.

Thank you so much for the energetic participants and for their positive & encouraging feedbacks.

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