Dhivya 2.O


She is an emerging entrepreneur who came from rural background at Namakkal, Tamilnadu and operating her business across India successfully in the field of digital marketing from her native place, Namakkal.

She completed her Bachelor of Engineering and Masters in Human Resource Management and started her career as sales coordinator and moved at the level of Product Manager in the leading service industry.

When she started thinking about her future and because of her passion towards entrepreneurship, she moved her career from employment to entrepreneurship.

Since her career belongs to Sales and Marketing and expertise with it, that inculcates her to start her business with Digital marketing and that’s where her turn up begins. She utilized her previous work experience and market need into a business platform.

She runs a company called evirtualsavvy and this company has become one of the popular Digital Marketing agencies in India.

She has been explored in the International market also especially in African countries and she gives solutions to the companies with her expertise in Digital Marketing.

She aspires to become one of the top 10 Digital Marketing agencies in India and also to become one of the successful entrepreneurs in the world.

She is also a well known author who published several books in the topics of Mental Health awareness, Parenting, etc.,

She had been initiated to write as a blogger and she found out the interest in her. That’s how she got attention in writing and became an author now.

Her focus as an author is to educate people to concentrate on their mental health.

Apart from writing, she is also a mental health advisor, trained more than 50 people who were under Pressure, Stress, Depression, etc., She believes and educates people that In Spite of being fit physically, we need to be fit mentally also.

She is a good motivator and make others to mold their mind to neglect the negative thoughts and negative vibrations around them and make them to be positive always.

She also conducts virtual programs on Parenting meant for working Parents. Her programs are focused on the parents who struggle to handle their kids along with their profession.

She understands the practical situations of the parents and gives solutions to them to lead their peaceful life.

She is so dedicated towards her work and she is now at this level only because of her dedication and smart work.

We wish her to get more success and to achieve her dreams and goals at the earliest.

(It’s a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program)