A decade over now after my graduation in Engineering and also I am a post graduate in Master of Business Administration.

I am a dedicated Professional with a good experience in Sales Operations, Procurement and People Handling.

To go with Personal, I am a mother of 2 naughty Kiddos who are my life and who made my life meaningful.

And to go to the year of 2019, I was in such huge expectations since I was pregnant and my second kid is going to land on earth in the month of March/April 2020.

I continued my job till I was 9 months pregnant, March 10 2020 was my last working day and when I applied for my maternity leave, really I didn’t realize that this maternity break would make a full stop for my career.

And the day when the government of India announced a full day lockdown was my Baby Shower day, which was one fine Sunday no one can forget.

Since the due date was very near, we all were afraid about the hospitalization. Though it was my second delivery, the fear was about the new virus Corona.

Finally I was admitted 15 days prior to my delivery date due to the situation of the pandemic and my little angel landed on earth on March 30th by inducing the delivery. Another one happy moment was that the same day was the day my grandmother passed away 5 years before. 

Though she was so old, we couldn’t forget her but My angel was born with the remembrance of her and we felt that my grandmother was born again through me.

I was hospitalized for 2 days and returned back to my mother’s home. If it was like usual, we couldn’t control the visitors both in the hospital and at home and we might become very tired from taking care of kids and also by greeting the visitors as well. 

But due to the Pandemic, we didn’t allow anyone including neighbours to visit our home. Even my in-laws saw her after 15 days of delivery.

After a month, I started to support my team for their requirements over phone whenever there was necessity but not all the time.

Days passed like this and this pandemic gave a gap for relaxation only but it didn’t keep full stop for it’s game.

So we all were afraid to resume my work and decided to quit unfortunately since I didn’t get an extension of my leave.

But it’s good to have a short break in our career because I was running like anything in my life for the past 9 years from the day of starting my career and this was also a thing happened which I was expecting for last few years since I was unable to spend time with my first kid due to my work.

I got a wonderful chance now to be with him. And since I was at home full time, I came to understand a lot of things personally. Yes, it taught me about the real faces of some people in my life.

Few months passed like this. Since I didn’t want to be idle anymore and had a thought of utilising this gap in some other way, I started searching for the things which would help me to improve my career and listed down the activities.

Finally I decided to learn about Digital Marketing which would help definitely since I was in Sales Operations and enrolled in a 100 days Blogging Course by Digital Deepak.

From this, I started my new blog and began to write content for my blog as per my mentor’s advice.

But surprisingly I discovered that I have interest in writing and started writing several blog posts.

With all these, I enrolled in the Digital Marketing Internship Program also 2 months before and learned about a lot of things that we can do digitally.

And from this Internship Program, I am Coming out of my comfort zone stage by stage which i never tried before.

There might be a lot of Positive and Negative things in this year 2020 due to the impact of Pandemic but it made me discover my Passion which is going to help me throughout my life.