Donkeys Wedding for Rain! Know an Interesting Truth behind it!!

Hey guys,

I understand that whatever was said and followed by our ancestors are not a myth and everything has a valid reason behind it.

But I had a question in my mind from my childhood for which I never got an answer from anyone. 

I usually think that everything has some reason, but no one knows it. Instead of saying the actual cause, people say some ritual reasons. So I never ask.

Do you want to know what that one question is?

If yes, you can continue reading, and the interesting things are waiting for you.

Donkey Marriage in India

You might have heard somewhere about donkey weddings, or some might have watched the same. People used to do marriage between donkeys when there was no rain.

They believe that there will be immediate rain after the wedding ceremony of the donkeys.

Praying Donkey

People believe from their heart that praying donkeys and doing marriage will result in the rain to their village. 

The ceremony will be Man marries a donkey or marriage between 2 donkeys.

People strongly believed that the weather would result in rain when the relationship of 2 donkeys or one person with a donkey is bound in wedlock.

Looks so fun to hear, right?

Even I felt the same and had a lot of questions in my mind until I heard the reason behind this wedlock.


Why did the Donkey Wedding be performed?

How did the rain come after the donkey wedding?

Is that true?

Yeah, it’s true. The rain came naturally as people prayed and believed. Let’s see how it happened.

There are so many causes for not getting rain on this earth. One of those is people’s minds.

Shocking, right?

I was too shocked when I heard this information, but you will understand and accept it once you read the whole story.

How does the Negative Pollution form?


In every place, some people always gossip about others, and they cannot live happily with others’ growth.

They are greedy from the inside, and it comes out as negative energy in their breathing air. It mixes with outside air and creates negative pollution.

When this hostile environment increases day by day, this negative pollution will form as an object of Concealment above the earth, and in turn, it blocks the rain, and the rain fails to reach on earth.

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How was this ritual initiated?

In our ancestor days, the same situation happened in a place. Most of the people’s jobs were farming; their routine was to start their work by early morning, complete their work before noon, have food, take rest for some time, they gather in the evening like in a tea shop or under the tree and gossip about others or talk about any incidents.

Note: This is not to blame anyone. As you know very well, gossiping plays a significant role when people gather together in any place.

Rain failed for several years, and the king saw everything happening around his kingdom. Then he decided to bring a solution for this.

People GatheringHe fixed a date and invited all the people to gather to do marriage for donkeys. People were so excited to watch this humorous scene, and all of them were gathered at the said location.

You can imagine the situation now; people of a whole kingdom were gathered at the ground and looking for wedlock interestingly. Someone was arriving with a donkey.

The donkey was afraid after seeing the crowd, and it ran away, leaving his boss. The same thing happened with the other donkey also. People are laughing at it.

People were making fun of that ground. They forget themselves, they forget others, they ignore others’ growth, they laugh and enjoy it. There was no option to have any negative thoughts.

The purpose of the gathering was also the same. The king arranged this ceremony only to gather people at a place and create positive vibrations.

This positive environment creates positive energy in and around the ground; it hits and breaks the block where the negative pollution was formed already.


Brings rain to earth

Then it brings the rain to the earth.

Reference: Varma Kalai Aasan Mr. G. Swaminadhan’s speech 


I hope you understand now. No one around you can see the negative thoughts inside you, but they come out as breathing air and form in the environment and space.

It has the power to block rain itself, so think about it and avoid your negative thoughts.

World Mental Health Day

Hence on behalf of “World Mental Health Day”, I wish you to Think Positive, Talk Positive and Act Positive.

“Always Be Positive to Be Happy”.

Would you please share your thoughts and stories in the comments if you know any or share your views on the above read story?

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You have written an excellent book that should raise lots of eyebrows. Of course much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the matter. Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research. I admire you. I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on. I say more power to you!

Kasthuri Raman


Simply Superb. Easy to read and understand the things what it is. It is very useful those who are going to have kid who can get the easy parenting tips. First you change yourself what you want your kid to be which one is going to change myself also. Thank you for your tips. I expect more from you keep going.



Author summarized the parenting in simple way, which can be understand by all easily. Good one and I feel its important for all know about parenting. All the best!

Vinoth Kumar

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