Let us assume you are living in a new location where you don’t have the knowledge about the hospitals for every specific treatment. 

What would you do when you are in need of any treatment for your health issues?

Though you are in a familiar location, what would you do when you are in need of Doctor’s advice for your particular health issues?

You may get information from neighbors, relatives, friends from word of mouth but when the need arises, you take your mobile, search in google for the specialty hospital in the particular location and get connected immediately, right?

I can say confidently that you cannot say no to this.

We are in the digital world where we expect to have everything in our hand immediately. Therefore having an online presence helps in making things more convenient and accessible for both Patients and Caretakers.

This is why hospitals use digital Marketing.

So what do you have to do now?

You must know the strategies of digital marketing to have an online presence for your hospital.

What are the digital marketing strategies for hospitals in India?

We have proven digital marketing strategies already where we get a good amount of results for hospitals.

Let me explain you the strategies which works best today,

Table of Contents

  1. User Friendly Website with Informative Blog 
  2. Engaging Your Audience Using Social Media
  3. Effective utilization of Subscribers by E-Mail Marketing
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    1. User Friendly Website with Informative Blog

Your website will be your first impression in the eyes of the patients and caretakers when they search for a treatment in a hospital.

And it makes them feel pleasure and convenient when it consists of following details in a ready way like 

  • Treatments specialized in your hospital
  • Departments with the name of the Chief Doctors
  • Consultation timings of the individual doctors
  • Link for Appointments based on the availability of doctors
  • Available facilities like UV Scans, CT Scans, X-Rays, etc.,
  • Infrastructure Photographs
  • Financial Assistance like Insurance details, Payment details, etc.,(exclusive contact number can be provided for clarifications)
  • About Page with the Mission of your Hospital
  • Location and Branches if any
  • Newsletter Subscription

Digital Marketing for Hospitals through Website

Informative Blog is preferred by the people to make decisions till some extent and it will be better if you have covered the following areas in your blog to build a trust on the hospital, 

  • FAQ, Frequently asked questions by the Patients can be answered in your blog
  • Tips, Advises, Awareness about Health in the form of Text, Image or Videos by Doctors can be embedded 
  • Case Studies with the experience of existing patience by explaining how you had helped them to recover from a particular situation or disease 
  • Testimonials from the other patients helps you to build trust among the Audience

When you cover all the above in your website, the audience will be more comfortable and they will get used to it.

And it makes them convert into your patient in an easy way.

2. Engaging your Audience using Social Media

Social Media is a Powerful tool where we can locate any kind of audience and the people started believing that the search results that arrive from social media are also a trustable one next to Google Search Engine.

Digital Marketing for Hospitals through social media

It expands your reach tremendously to your patients when you are consistent in your social media presence and activities like  

  • Social Media Engagements with daily Contents
  • Any Contents like Text, Image or Video
  • Case studies and Testimonials helps to build the trust among your followers

3. Effective utilization of Subscribers by E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail is an effective tool to reach the audience and it is the easy access to reach the inbox of your audiences directly. So utilize the subscribers with the useful information and help them with your answers for their basic queries.

Engage your audience by sending the Newsletters once a month at least and educate them with the high value information which helps to register your brand in that family.

Case Studies and Testimonials of other patients can also be shared through E-Mail for engagements and to build trust.

Links for the appointments for consultations can also be shared in the E-Mail to make them easily accessible to you.

4. Marketing Automation

Subscription helps you to understand the patient and the category of the disease and treatments. Hence your newsletters and other Emails can be automated based on the category of each Patient.

It makes your audience feel that you are consulting and helping them directly and they will be comfortable on your E-Mail and also with the hospital.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO for HospitalsAll the information you provided in the website will not help you out without optimizing it with SEO. 

SEO helps you to rank in the top of the google search in an organic way using various keyword research tools. By that, you can generate traffic to your website whenever the audience is looking for a hospital in your specialty.

Hope you understand the importance of doing digital marketing for your hospital now.

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