This story is about two children and you can notify me if you can notice the wrong thing from this story.

Once there was a village where all levels of people were living happily.

One small boy named Vicky, 7 year old was living with his family in that village.

They were an upper middle class family who lived a sophisticated life compare to other families in that village.

Vicky was so blessed to be a part of that family because he never wanted to demand for anything in his life since he used to get the things earlier before he comes to know the need of it.

In the same village, an another family who were daily waged Parents had two children, Kathir (a 7 year old boy) and Sonu (2 year old girl) lived.

They too lived happily with what they had but Kathir’s parents were unable to afford for the things which he was looking for sometimes.

They felt sorry for him and explain him about the financial condition of the family as per his understanding. It was making Kathir to disappoint sometimes but he used to it when the days passed.

Also Kathir used to have the second option always. Whenever he couldn’t get what he loves, he used to convince himself to go with the other.

Years were passed like this and both Vicky and Kathir were passionate about to become a doctor.

Vicky was cool enough that he could get his medical seat at any cost though he couldn’t get merit score well.

But the situation was not the same for Kathir so he tried to the core.

Unfortunately they both got low marks in their exams and even Kathir didn’t reached that score.

Vicky’s parents were ready to pay for the seat though they were not rich enough to afford for medical seat.

But Kathir was disappointed asusual but he didn’t lose his hope and was trying again for the next exam.

That’s when the critical situation happened to Vicky family that was a big loss in their business and Vicky’s father was about to sell his company and properties to repay the debt.

So naturally Vicky was unhappy about this and he couldn’t convince himself to go with any other option in his studies.

Though they tried to get money by selling the home, it didn’t help them since they had to live their life further with what they have in hand now.

So Vicky was unable to get the seat but even then he didn’t try further to get merit seat in the next year.

He was constantly thinking about the failure and his disappointments and he was unable to handle this situation in a right way.

He was so depressed about this unexpected situation and it made him to move in a wrong way.

“When you compare the two children in this story, Kathir was able to handle the situation properly whereas Vicky was unable to do it since the lesson Kathir learned during from his childhood, he was capable to do it but Vicky was not.

Everything is because of their parents and the life given by them.

By this you can understand that giving the power of handling the unexpected situation is most important than giving the sophisticated life to our kid.

And also you might come to know the importance of making the mindset of your children to react in all the situations.”

You might have heard this type of story already but as I said in the beginning, one more wrong information is there in this story.

Have you identified it?

If yes, pls share it in the comment box.


Yes it’s time to tell the wrong thing from the story of two children.

While narrating the story, I was about to compare the qualities of two children in the final words.

But as we all know, the comparison is the worst thing we should never do in our life.

Though it was happened to highlight the quality of having self convincing heart of Kathir, should not have taken comparison as a tool to explain.

It might have explained in some other way.

So don’t ever do this comparison like

Comparing yourself with others
Comparing one with another
Comparing your kid with another kid
Comparing your first kid with second kid

Don’t do this at any situation.

Hope you understand and do share your views in the comment box.