“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Gossiping is nothing but the informal conversation by criticizing about others in their absence for own self entertainment.

They enjoy talking about others and they are updated as on date and they feel satisfied once they complete this task successfully.

When you focus on others and start judging them, you project negative energy which will get back and impact on you.

It’s such a useless thing, waste of time and waste of energy for both who are in that communication.

Person who has no motive in his/her life does this.

Because they want to engage themselves with something like this and they will not be able to accept anything positively which is happening around them instead they will give negative feedbacks always for other’s achievements and developments.

You can find them everywhere such as neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc., and you cannot control them also but you don’t need to worry about their gossips because nowhere it is going to affect you on our growth instead it’s better to stay away from them.

And one more thing, please keep it in mind you may also enjoying with the person who is gossiping with you about others but damn sure he/she will definitely make gossips about you also to others.

Final words, if you are a gossiper, stop doing that and concentrate on your work.

Nowhere you are going to be benefitted by gossiping about others. Hence Spread Positivity Not Negativity.