Have you come across this phrase frequently in your life “I’m Busy” from a relationship?

If Yes, then it’s time to decide to move on from the particular relationship.

Be a Priority, Not an Option

When you are a priority in someone’s life, they respond to each requirement even without your knowledge.

If there is no proper response even after conveying your requirement, you must decide yourself, you are not a priority to them, and you are just an option.

So Have this in mind always when you wish to give priority to someone in your life.

Are you not feeling like a priority in a relationship?

Your answer might be, “I don’t know, and I cannot determine it”.


How do you determine your Priorities?

You can understand that you are in some primary priority when you come across these situations from the person,

– Response when you need them

– Preference to you even when a group of people surrounds them

– Not giving up you to anyone

– Hold your hands when you fall off in your life

– Be with you when you are in trouble

– Stop you when you go wrong

– Allocate Time for you

From these things, you can analyze your priority level in other people’s lives.

After determining your priority level in their life, don’t waste your time if you are not at the primary priority level.

You might ask me now, “What to do then when I’m not a priority in Someone’s Life?”

You can arrive at the list of tasks that has to be done by you in your life and sort it out based on the level of Importance to know your Priorities.


What are your Priorities in your Life?

Things that give meaning and purpose to your life must be your Priorities.

For Example,

It would be best if you focused on the things

– Which makes you happy and peaceful

– Which maintains your dignity

– Which transfers you to the next level

– Which keeps you confident

– Which motivates you

– Which helps you to achieve your short term or long term goal and of course

– Which is worth your time

If you concentrate on the above consistently, you will be successful in your life for sure automatically, and in turn, you will be prioritized in other’s lives as well.

You can realize the priority level now instead of treating you as an option.


“Become a Priority in your Life”

Become a Priority in your Life

Instead of thinking about other’s inadequate responses, concentrate on yourself, and you become the priority in your life.

You must be the Top Priority for you in your life. Other relations will come and go as a passing cloud.

The person who gave you priority yesterday may not be with you to provide the same today, and who gives you priority today may not provide the same tomorrow.

People change based on their situation, but you are not. It will help if you are the priority to yourself.

Let me know in the comments which is your priority in your life and to whom you are the priority.

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