Spread the love however you can and to whoever you meet.

Since it doesn’t going to cost you.

If you are kind enough to anyone, they would also be pleasant and they feel pleasure to show the same kindness to you in return. So that both of your day would be good then.

To spread the love, first you have to love yourself.

Love has to be inside you, then only you can spread it outside.

When you are not loving yourself and the love is not within you, it cannot get from outside at any time.

If you see a blind man, he loves to have vision.

If you see a deaf and dumb man, he loves to hear and talk.

But have you ever loved our eyes and ears at anytime?

No. You never do that.

Because you love the things which you cannot have or offer. But think about them, they cannot live even a basic life like you.

So Love the way you are and be thankful for what you have.

Love yourself, love your family, friends, relatives and everyone around the world you meet.

Also love your job as well else you will be in mess always.

So Love Everything you have not you don’t have.

You no need to do anything to show the love on others except a harmless smile on your face.

It is the way of initiation to spread love.

Yes you are inspiring someone with your smile that they would show the same to the next person they meet and it passes by.

It might pass to atleast 2 around them.

The same way the anger you show also passes to.

So instead of spreading your anger to everyone around you, you spread the love to the core however possible.

It is just a little thing you can do at any time.

Hence give your smile, spread the love and it would come back to you automatically at a point of time and it generates Positive Energy also.

Are you ready now to Smile and Spread Love?