Are you scared of saying No?

Do you worry about losing relationship by saying No?

Might be.

But have this in mind people take advantage of you if you are saying yes for everything positively.

Probably they use you and they take you for granted.

So learn the habit of saying No whenever required.

Naturally you don’t like to do certain activities in your life so find out and say out that I cannot do for which you actually don’t like and which you feel that you just can’t do.

And you must have a healthy boundaries around you in your life.

It shows your self confidence and you would be stress free.

Rather if you accept everything as you are ready to do everything for them, you would be overwhelmed and you might lose/miss to do your some other important task.

“Your No would say Yes for engaging in your need and don’t waste your quality time for someone else who is not worth for it.”

No need to worry about what others think about you if you say no.

So Work on your boundaries and implement it.

Be conscious about the activities which you do and ensure that you do not engage on activities that drain you.

Please do share your experience in comments where you have been taken for granted and people used you with your innocent helping nature.