Positive Life?

Then what happened to that?

Let me explain the story of a person’s life before and after Positive.

Life was very normal and routine as like other persons where he was a easy going person and not much worried about his future, very sincere and dedicated towards his profession.

His day starts early and ends late pm with more passion. Next to his work, he spend his time with family and friends.

His life was so good before he hear that word positive. Yes his life was running as usual before that.

Though the world is in pandemic situation, he didn’t care much about it., exactly saying he didn’t know the impacts of it actually so he lived his life with overconfidence, he believed that it will not affect him and no need to worry at all even if it affects also.

Like this, his life was running between his work and the family.

During his office travel, due to his carelessness and negligent activity he got positive sign.

He realized the abnormal changes happening in his body and he couldn’t manage properly.

Then he guessed himself that he might be affected with positive while stepping down into the railway station and started travelling to home.

Everyone in his family were awaiting for his arrival but he looked unnatural so they were asking him repeatedly what happened. But he was not in situation to convey that, he decided to isolate himself and he silently went into his room and slept without talking to them.

First day with Positive:

He opened his eyes in the next day morning but he couldn’t wake up and had the fever of 102 degree.

Then he came to the conclusion that these are the symptoms of Positive only and went to hospital to take the test.

He returned home and waited for 2 days to get the result.

Meanwhile he started his quarantine inside the separate room from that day onwards.

Second day with Positive:

Though his result was not confirmed he couldn’t handle this situation he didn’t understand what is happening and what to do next.

He had been afraid a lot about his kid and the aged parents who were with him in his house but he couldn’t show it outside.

He was surrounded by the situation where the Neighbors around him were seen him with sin and the company he was working were didn’t even put a word to him about his health.

He came to understand a lot about life.

The result came finally as “Corona Positive”.

At the moment he hear this news, a lot of things were rolling in his mind.

“Am I now positive?

Am I a patient now?

What is going to happen next?”

He worried a lot since we have been engaged a lot nowadays with social media which makes sensational with these viral news.

(Yes, we are suffering a lot and lot due to this pandemic and the situations are going beyond our control.

Recent news which we couldn’t digest is that we are in scarcity of Oxygen and so many were left this world due to the non-availability of required Oxygen Cylinders and also there is non-availability of beds in the hospital)

With all these fears and worries, he went to doctor to take the full body checkup but his goodness Doctor informed as he was very good in his body condition, his health was normal so no need to worry about this positive.

Also advised not to go out and take rest for next 14 days in home with some medications.

Then he came across the situation like he couldn’t realize what was happening in his body and around him.

He couldn’t eat he couldn’t realize when he was sleeping and waking up. Simply blank.

He was not only affected physically, his mind also not in his control since he was so confused with the things happening to him.

He was so afraid to face his parents and kid even from inside the room by having the fear of not to spread the positive to them but he was dare enough to handle all these by himself without showing to his family.

Third Day with Positive:

Day started with some difficult symptoms like he felt some inconvenience to breath, unable to take any intake due to mouth sore, unable to lay down, unable to sleep even if he felt sleepy, full body pain with low energy level and the day passed like this.

Fourth Day with Positive:

This day became more difficult for him. He was unable to do anything and there was no energy in his body, totally drained.

These were the situations really difficult to handle by being alone in a separate room but somehow he managed and lived like this for a week.

After a week, he was able to realize everything and quite normal to understand the realities happening around him.

But an another embarrassed situation waited for him the day when he got the result as negative. That was the news of Positive again but to his Parents this time.

Now the cycle starts again with more powerful.

He learned a good lesson from these unfortunate situation i.e., how the life would change when he come across the virus by being careless.

He realized how it affects our family due to his carelessness and how painful for those who love us by looking us worrying.

Also he learned about his surroundings and his circles who treats well and who doesn’t when there is an unexpected situation comes.

Others such as neighbor or colleague or friends would make call or text to us and ask about our health and they say to take care but they cannot do anything more than that.

No one will raise their hand to help us apart from our family.

(It is understood that this is not a situation to help anyone physically but the kind and caring words you are putting on them when they are in these situations are important and recommended.)

So he understood the fact that if we really care about us and our family, we should be very careful and should take lot of precautions and protections.

He might not have suffered like this if he would have followed the proper protections like wearing mask, gloves and other safety activities during travel.

He might not have undergone these physical and mental illness.

His message to the People who doesn’t care about this pandemic:


We think usually this Corona will not come for me.

What this a simple virus can do to me?

I have seen a lot like this in my life.

What will it do?

We are running our life by thinking like these with our over confidence.

But that is not true actually.

It is like a horrible thing and a big punishment which gives lot of pain and worries.

Also it leads to anxiety not only to us also to our family members.

Please think about it.

What happens when it comes to our parents who are elders and the kids?

Will it be tolerable to accept the pain?

Can you bear the pain of watching them suffering?

Definitely No.

Our life and our life style might change totally for a month or two after affected by this positive.

You might lose your self-confidence.

We know that we are confident enough to handle everything but it would not be the same when we come across the life threatening issue like this to our loved ones especially when it happens due to our carelessness.

So think about it for two minutes and take necessary steps whether

Are we following the safety precautions?

Are our loved ones are safe enough?

If you understand this and handle it properly, you can be confident and no need to afraid about anything.

One more important thing is, don’t think even for a second to isolate yourself when you guess there might be Positive.

And “You can live your life positively without positive.”