Positive Energy!!! Positive Thinking!!! Positive Vibes!!!

Everyone is using those words.

What does it mean exactly?

Will you be able to generate Positive Energy by doing just Yoga or Meditation activities?

Do you think it is possible?

Yes Possible. But, how long? That is the question.

First let us understand what is meant by Positive Energy and how does it is going to impact in our daily life,

Positive Energy comes from Positive Thinking which is our state of mind that results in Positive Outcomes.

When you are at Peace, you attract Positive Energy.

You need to release your negative energy which is holding onto from the past and if you keep on holding your negative thoughts and emotions, it will reflect in your day to day activities which results in negative outcomes. Hence you should practice yourself to be positive in all the ways.


Ways to Bring Positive Energy in You

Let us see the ways how to bring Positive Energy and how to be Positive in and around you other than Meditation activities,

  1. Know Yourself

You have to know about yourself first and should not get confused with the other’s opinions and have to show yourself to the world as you are.

  • You are the best; No-one can replace you – Every individual has specific qualities inside them and only thing have to do is that, identify your skills and the capabilities to move on.
  • Be yourself and Confident – You have your own skills and should have confident on that. No need to expect others to recognize that.
  • You have nothing to prove to anyone – Anyone around you will try to blame you for something which is not actually need to worry about. There is no need to prove you to others.

Instead of worrying about the other’s comments on you, keep concentrating on yourself and your actions which in turn results to positive outcomes.

2. Shape your Thoughts
  • Hang around with Positive People – How can you identify the Positive People? Positive minded People are the People who generate Positive energy to themselves and to others who surrounded them. They will always be with pleasant Smile on their face, calm, spreads Positive vibes, avoid negative talks, motivate others, etc.,
  • Look for Positivity – Have to look for positivity even in the negative results which comes after a long workout. Instead of worrying about the failure, need to analyze the reasons for that and correct it for the next move.
  • You can see the Stars only in the darkness. Be conscious in your thoughts and work actively to change the tone of your thoughts from Negative to Positive.
3. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Greet Yourself – Have the attitude of Greeting, Appreciating and Complimenting. Celebrate your achievements even it is very small. It is the best way to boost up always.
  • Be Kind – The more you give, the more you will receive in return. Kindness will have more impact on both the giver and the receiver on generating Positive Energy.
4. Wear which suits you well
  • Choose your outfits which suit you well and looks great.
  • It helps you to appear more positive and also to others who is with you by your positive attitude.
5. Do Not Forget to Laugh
  • It’s a small action but makes a big difference.
  • Laughter strengthens your immune system; it is a self-booster and protects you from Stress.
6. Spend Time for your Passion
  • Whoever you are, a Student or a Professional or an Entrepreneur, every individual have their own passion or at least have interest in some area like Reading Journals, Drawing, Chatting with Friends, or in achieving something, etc., Likewise you too may have interest on something.
  • If you are not focused on it yet, now it’s a good time to start. Fix a time for your passion every day and work towards on it. It will be your major stress reliever than any other activities.
7. Be Active and Sweat it Out
  • Be active and Stay Positive about your health
  • Eat consciously – Take the light and energetic food which feels good for you
  • Do few minutes of exercises like Walking, Jogging, Playing, etc., daily and sweat it out to release your bad soul from your body.
8. Visualize the Happy Moments of your life
  • Whenever you feel down and your energy gets drain, you can recall your Happy moments happened in your life and visualize it that stimulates you to be more fresh and energetic.
  • Always have the habit of capturing your best moments so that you can visualize it as realistic.
9. Be 100%
  • Be 100% true to at least one in your life. Talk to them once a day at least and share your desires, achievements, worries and everything.
  • Choose a confidential person who matches with your wavelength and creates positive vibes on you.
10Take a Time Out
  • Take a fun filled break in your routine life like Travelling, Enjoying Nature, Learning Something New and anything you wish which keeps you relaxed.
11. Help/Donate Voluntarily
  • Helping may be in any terms such as your Time, Money or Things, etc.,
  • It makes you feel better in you.

Ways to be Away from Negative Energy

Here are the few things that you need to be avoided to maintain Positive Energy in and around you,

1. Avoid Negativity
  • Negative People are the People who bring you down always. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid them from your life. In fact, it is not a healthy way at all.
  • Hence you can try to avoid the negative vibes from them and in turn you can take the positive things alone from the People whoever you meet. Take their negative words as a challenge and prove yourself.
  • Bad things happens everywhere but have to try to not to replay that over and over. Play good things alone in your mind instead.
2. Get rid of the negative Past
  • The more energy you give for negative thing, the more it persists.
  • Nothing is going to be changed when you speak out about your Problems, Illness, Worries, etc., When you keep on think and talk about your bad memories, it would end up with negative vibrations around you. Hence forgive and forget about the past, let allow the things whatever happens to you and just learn to move on with the relaxed mind.
3. Avoid Gossip

“Great minds discuss ideas;

average minds discuss events;

small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Gossiping is nothing but criticizing others.

When you focus on others and start judging them, you project negative energy which will get back and impact on you.

So stop making gossips about others and you too don’t worry about other’s gossips on you..

4. Avoid Ego
  • Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything may change at a point of time.
  • Understand this and experience this Egoless state of mind for some time and you will get to know the difference in you by yourself.
5. Avoid Comparing with Others
  • Do not compare your life with others. Your life is different and you are unique and so move on with your path.
  • You are great in your own skills & capabilities, others may have different skills & capabilities and they are great in that but always have in this mind, No one can replace you and one cannot live other’s life.
6. Learn when to say No
  • Anyone may take advantage of you if you are saying yes for everything positively. So learn to say No which you actually don’t like and when you feel that you just can’t do and work on establishing healthy boundaries in your life. Ensure that you do not engage on activities that drain you.

Hence follow the above ways to be positive ever and be an achiever.

Changing your thoughts will change your entire life. So Be Positive and Be Energetic and Achieve your Dreams.

All the Best!!!

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