Use Marketing Fundamentals to win the Race

Are you a Marketer?

Are you stuck up without Sales?

Here are the solutions for you.

Know the fundamentals to target your audience and to achieve your target business.

It will be highly helpful for those who are into Marketing Profession, Entrepreneurs and whoever are interested to promote a product in the market.

Marketing is promoting a product and selling it in the market by understanding the demand.

You need to understand the fundamentals of marketing before marketing your product.

Let me give an overview about the things you are going to learn in this article,

  1. Law of Marketing
  2. Build a strong brand
  3. A Good Communicator is a Good Marketer
  4. Economics
  5. Digital vs Traditional Marketing
  6. CATT Marketing Funnel
  7. Integrated Digital Marketing
  8. Personal Branding (MassTrust Blueprint)
  9. Personal Experience with Marketing
Law of Marketing

Is there any law to do marketing?

Yes, as you are following some procedures in your each and every activity, marketing also has some law to follow.

If you follow the same, you will be a good and successful marketer.

So try this and see the output.

Before pushing any product into a market, you need to analyze the demand and supply of the product.

Based on the market you choose and the result of the survey, you should design your product according to the requirement. So the marketing starts before creating a product itself.

Imagine you are the seller of baby products, what happens when you do marketing your product to an unmarried guy or girl? Obviously he/she gets irritated mostly or at least he tries to avoid you.

What happens in case you do marketing to a married couple without kids? They may or may not consider you. Even if they have interest in listening, mostly sales will not happen in turn no benefit for you.

If you are approaching a parent of kids, definitely the chances are very high for sale. This is the right time to do marketing your product with them.

Likewise you need to search for the opportunities by checking out your customers and attack them.

This is how you need to Target your customer which refers to contacting the customer with the right information to the right person at the right time.

Also Marketing doesn’t end once you complete the sales.

You should give post sales service and communicate regularly with the customers so that they will be happy with your service and you can retain them as your customer for life.

It tends the customer to give you further sales and also they refer you to others.

No Marketing without trust

Is it possible for you to buy a product without trust?

Obviously No, right?

Same for your customers also.

As a marketer, you need to build trust among the customers.

Your prospect will not convert into sales without having trust on you.

So always be trustworthy and give a quality product.

Your marketing will get wasted without a good product so always focus on the quality of the product.

Never sacrifice on quality at any cause and never let marketing become more important than product.

When your product is good in quality, it converts your customers into brand ambassadors.

They will refer by themselves without your knowledge itself and word of mouth marketing is the best to get more clients.

By this, you can become a well known brand and your brand will sell itself. Then the requirement of marketing will go down when the days are passed by.

Advertising, Copywriting and Sales are the components of Marketing.

Advertising is one of the components of Marketing. It can be done through publishing ads via Traditional methods like Newspaper, Posters, etc., and Digital methods such as Social media, Google Ads, etc.,

Copywriting is one of the components of Marketing which can be done by making content for Marketing.

Sales is one of the components of Marketing. Every purpose of marketing is to do sales.

Branding obsoletes Marketing 

You have to build a strong brand so that there will not be any necessity for Marketing your business.

To build a strong brand, “Do Not be No.1 be the only one”.

Instead of creating the same product as like others, you choose a category for you and be a leader in that. If it is difficult to choose a category, choose a subcategory and become a king in that.

Once there was a period when the Internet had no impact in our life and it was 20 years ago.

It was the time that the Internet was slowly entering into the market where we didn’t use more internet connections.

When every Internet Service Provider provided wired connections and few were experimented with RF Technology also.

But there was a man named Mr. Ravikumar who believed that he could be successful in providing Internet connections using RF Technology and started his Internet Service Providing Company called M/s. Infonetcomm Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

As per his belief, he initiated his business in a small town which is Namakkal located at Tamilnadu.

Now with 15+ years of experience, his company has become one of the best Internet Service Providers using RF Technology in Tamilnadu.

It has more than 20,000 private customers across Tamilnadu, they serve unserved areas too and apart from that, all the government schools in Tamilnadu are using RF Leased Line Connections which are connected by M/s. Infonetcomm Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

It makes it easy for the government schools to educate the students even in this pandemic situation.

So his right decision by choosing a category at the right time makes him achieve this.

Hence enter a competitive market but have a unique angle. By that you can differentiate yourself from others.

If you are a founder of a startup, you should definitely be a marketer. Else you should depend on others to market your product.

It will not be feasible for a startup company and will not work out also for the long run.

A Good Communicator is a Good Marketer

Good Marketing requires Good Communication.

Communication is must in Marketing.

A well known proverb is there in Tamil (“Vaayiruka pulla polachikum”)

Translation here,

“One can lead a successful life/business with his/her good communication alone”

Yes, if you have good communication skills, you can do marketing very well.

While writing a communication to a client, you have to write like you talk and as if you are sitting in front of them so that it gives a feeling of one to one interaction and in turn customers will give their attention more.

More writing makes you better in writing and speaking and it gives clarity too.

So improve your communication skill to be a successful marketer.


Can you predict the future market by yourself?


Then how will you forecast your future business?

That’s where economics works and every Entrepreneur should learn about Economics.

Economics plays a major role in every business.

Since there is a need for the entrepreneur to forecast their future developments in the business, one must understand the Global economics and Indian economics to make some important decisions.

A Country’s economy goes up as the average age of the country goes up.

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

Medium through which you are targeting your audience defines whether you are doing Traditional marketing or Digital Marketing.

Promoting your advertisements through Televisions, Newspapers, Magazines, etc., are traditional marketing whereas promoting through Social Media, Websites, etc., are digital marketing.

As per data, numbers of Television and Radio users are more than the digital platform but in recent days, the reach of social media is tremendous.

Though we have television at our home, we prefer to update the news through social media only.

But the television ads give more impact than any other media ads.

So you cannot predict simply which medium is the best and it is based on the product you promote.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Digital Deepak designed a framework ie., CATT Marketing Funnel by which you can understand how the funnels have to be created and how to bring the funnels to our accounts.

Wealth = n^CATT

(n) Niche – denotes products or services that you are interested in. You must choose your niche carefully since your success and wealth depends on your niche.

How to choose your Niche?

You must check yourself whether you have talent in the Niche which you are choosing, else you must check whether you are able to develop the talent in your Niche.

When you are passionate in your niche, it is easy for you to work on it and be knowledged in it.

Also you need to check whether there is demand in the market for your Niche.

When all the above three combinations work together, you can choose that Niche without any second thought.

Be conscious about the selection of your Niche. When any one of the above fails, you will not be successful with your niche.

(C) Content – When your content is very useful for the audience, they attract automatically. Content can be in any form such as your Blog posts, Videos, Lead Magnets, Live Webinars, etc.,

(A) Attention – To get the attention of your audience, you must drive traffic to your content using SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and also through referrals.

(T) Trust – You must build trust with your audience using trip wires, marketing automation and retargetting.

(T) Transaction – When you get the attention of your audience with your content and built the trust, you can approach them to convert the leads to customers with natural sales methods. This is the transaction stage.

You have to choose your niche, create content, get the attention of your audience, build the trust on you and do the transaction.

This is how CATT Marketing funnel works.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Can you do sales only by doing Content Marketing?

No it is not possible at all.

You cannot be succeeded only with Content Marketing as a marketer. While writing the content, you must use SEO to drive traffic and to increase the audience for your content.

You must use Social Media to publish your content to get the attention of more audiences.

You must run paid ads with your content to promote your product.

Also you must use Email marketing to bring more attention and build trust in you.

Only Email Marketing cannot sell your product and the content marketing without SEO will not be useful as well.

Likewise, only when all the above are integrated, you can do transactions and sales by converting all these leads into customers.

Personal Branding

What does it mean?

Is it like promoting yourself by giving ads?

Yes, it is exactly promoting yourself only but you can promote yourself in your own way.

As you do branding for any organization, you must do branding for yourself ie., Personal Branding.


How can you do branding for yourself?

You might have interest in any specific field and you are passionate about it. You have to choose that niche to build your brand.

Below MassTrust Blueprint made by Deepak which makes you understand the evolution of the Personal brand very well.

Learn – You have to learn the skills of your niche consistently. Understand the concepts, remember the facts and practice the procedures.

Work – Do implement the skills you learned. You cannot remember everything without experimenting. So practice to implement always.

Blog – After implementing, you will have clarity about the things learned. So write everything at your blog and promote it.

Consult – Do consulting the people with your experience gained from the learning and experimenting and monetize it for upto some level.

Mentor – When you start doing consulting, you become a well known person to your audience and by that you can start mentoring people with your good knowledge.

Startup – Now it’s time to start your own business. Do start a startup company and it is quite easy to reach your audience now since you have created your personal brand already.

And you should not stop learning after starting a business and you have to keep learning new skills and update yourself to shine in your business always.

This is the evolution of Personal Brand and this is how you can brand yourself.

My First Experience with Marketing

I would like to share one of my personal experience with Marketing here,

I joined an organization for a sales support job as a fresher a few years ago.

I was attending an inter department meeting about marketing strategy.

It was my very first meeting in my profession and I was very excited to attend the meeting and felt a bit of fear to sit along with the experienced professionals.

Vice president Mr. X initiated his conversation with a small note that was my first inspiration about marketing.

He registered that “Customer is our god”.

We will be no more in this company and the company itself will be no more when there is no customer.

So always believe and have this in your mind whenever you reach your customer as we are here to serve the customers.

There is no use of contacting regularly and doing follow up without giving proper solutions to them.

When you keep them happy by providing what they want, they will keep you happy in return.

So understand their exact requirements and give the appropriate solutions to them.

This is the first thing I learned about marketing in my life.

Please share yours in the comment box if you have any such thing.


In this article, we have covered about the

  • Law of marketing,
  • How to build a strong brand and how it obsoletes marketing,
  • How to build trust with the customer and how it benefits you,
  • Why the good communication is important in marketing,
  • How the Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing impacts in their own way,
  • How CATT Marketing funnel works,
  • What is meant by Integrated Digital Marketing and how it works and
  • Finally How to create your personal brand for yourself.

I hope you understand the fundamentals of marketing and share your experience after implementing these techniques.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading and I will see you in my next article!

Please share your personal experience and knowledge in the comment box which gives more flavour to this article.