Ego states that it is an attitude of a person which is meaning less to maintain a healthy relationship.

No one is perfect in this world including ourselves. So you can accept the thing as it is.

You may lose many of your valuable relationships if you restrict yourselves to communicate with others by having this ego.

Egoistic are none other than idiots. They never admit their mistakes and feel they are most important and valuable. It may lead to lose our own value in some places. Yes it happens.

Hence avoid your ego and let’s be humble with everyone.

Also keep it in mind that Nothing is permanent and Everything may change at a point of time.

Nowhere you are going to be benefitted by having this ego in turn you lose your value and relationship.

Understand this and spread positivity everywhere.

Experience this Egoless state of mind for some time and you will get to know the difference in you by yourself.

Please share with me if you have come across such person in your life.