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Parenting is not that easy to handle with. You may have lot of questions in your mind such as how can we be a happy parent and how can we be a good parent to our kids, etc.,

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You have written an excellent book that should raise lots of eyebrows. Of course much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the matter. Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research. I admire you. I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on. I say more power to you!

Kasthuri Raman


Simply Superb. Easy to read and understand the things what it is. It is very useful those who are going to have kid who can get the easy parenting tips. First you change yourself what you want your kid to be which one is going to change myself also. Thank you for your tips. I expect more from you keep going.



Author summarized the parenting in simple way, which can be understand by all easily. Good one and I feel its important for all know about parenting. All the best!

Vinoth Kumar