Do you have anyone who keeps saying you this in your life?

“Don’t do that, you will be in trouble then!”

If yes, what do you think about him/her?

Right now you might have start thinking about that particular person/persons in your mind. 

Hope I’m right. If you are unable to find such person to have in mind, then obviously you are such a lucky person. 

This post is not for you. You can go ahead and lead your life positively as usual.

Have you ever think that why the person is alerting you always?

Do you think that he is a well wisher of you and that’s the reason he is protecting you by standing behind you always?

If you say yes, then it’s time to move on and let go of your toxic relationships.

But how can you identify that you are really in a relationship which doesn’t suit you and meaningless?

How to identify a Toxic relationship?

The Person 

– who makes you down always.

– who corners you with the irrelevant reasons for all the happenings.

– Who disrespect you.

– who passes negative comments for all your activities.

– who says don’t do that, it will not work out for you.

– who says you are not the right person for it.

– who says to dream within your limit don’t go beyond it.

– who says you are not born for that.

– who says you are not good enough or smart enough to do that.

– who project himself as he is doing everything for you.

– who criticizes others in front of you to make you feel happy.

The moment when you start making a fake smile on your face while greeting him/her, you can decide that he/she is not the right person to be with.

And It’s the right time to move on from their negativity.

I personally experienced these things from so many people in my life. The best part is my ignorance from those people.

Because these kind of people never let you grow in your life at any time. So moving out is better than anything for your own development.

You can ensure yourself that you are going ahead in a positive way without any negative diversions.

If you have/had any such person in your life, you can share your experiences in the comment box.