What is meant by difference of opinions?

When two people have different opinions about the same issue, it is referred as difference of opinions.

For example,
In my family my mother feels getting vaccinated for Covid is better than affected with Covid Positive but my father feels that it would be a life threatening issue since we hear that so many deaths are happening after getting vaccinated though it is not proved due to vaccine.

In this case, both of them are sharing their opinions. Nothing wrong in it since you cannot predict what is going to happen next.

But this is how the difference of opinion starts right from your family, relatives, also in your work place with your colleague, boss and everywhere.

And lot more things are happening around you with difference of opinions.

If you do not handle it properly, sometimes it breaks the relationship also.

So give importance to relationship rather than opinions. It saves relationship.

Please share if you come across such situations in your life.