Are you afraid of rumors?

No don’t do that.

Instead, be eager to know about you more than what you know about yourself.

Yes. Rumors are the results of Gossips which are narrated by the Gossipers with their creativity and extraordinary imagination powers.

In fact Gossips does not exist without rumors.

Because gossiping will not be interesting when there is no rumor.

Rumors are exaggerated while sharing with every person.

Do you think that the Rumors are going to affect you in your life any way?

It is mostly hurtable to whom involved in that but you have to take it positively since you are one step ahead of them who is talking about you and you are something special more than them.

That’s the reason they show interest in talking about you and also they are unable to tolerate your developments.

So there is no need to waste your valuable time and worry by thinking about this unwanted rumors.

The one who spreads rumors about you has to get tired by watching at your boldness to handle it.

Also for narrators of rumors, be bold enough to attack anyone directly instead of talking behind them.

If you want, go straight, talk to them directly and get clarified.

Spreading rumors in your group/circle about someone you know may help you out to sustain your relationships of that group members but it is not a healthy way at all. So please avoid spreading rumors for your self entertainment and be honest in your words.

Please do share your interesting experience in Comments if you have come across such situations in your life.