Have you ever come across this question in your life?

“Hey! Why are you so selfish to me?”

 If yes, don’t feel guilty about it. Have this in your mind that you are going in the right way.

You might have started thinking now, “Is it Okay to be Selfish?”, “Being Selfish is Good?”

Yeah! It is perfectly fine to be selfish. Let’s see how being selfish is good.

Selfishness is Good!

As a normal human being, if you wish to do something in your life against your friend, relative, or anyone, the very first thought that arises in your mind is, “what will he think about me?”

“What happens if anything goes wrong? How will he treat me next?”

You always think about others, and it results in you never initiating the thing you wish for.

It happens naturally because you have been grown in such a world and such a practice throughout your life.

But it is always good to be selfish in your life for your well-being.

What makes a Person Selfish?

Being Selfish is Good

As an individual, you have your schedule, own to-do list, own perspective among the things, own preference in certain things, desires, commitments, boundaries, etc.,

When you get disturbed by these things, you will get distracted. In turn, it reduces your productivity in all the ways both in Personal and Profession.

It makes you feel helpless in doing things in the right way at the right time. Therefore it is better to be away from these toxic relationships which make you uncomfortable.

Examples of Selfishness:

Let me explain to you with a few examples of Selfishness to understand the concept of being selfish very well.

While you are working in an organization with some commitments proceeding yearly, it is always okay to be selfish to drop it when you get a better offer than this.

It is okay to be selfish to avoid your best friends when you feel that they are a barrier to your growth.

It is okay to be selfish to be away from your relatives when you find that they are demotivating you in all ways.

It is okay to be selfish to say No even to your Parents when you are indeed to take your life decisions.

It is okay to be selfish to leave your partner as well when you notice that he/she is stopping you from achieving your career goals.

Above are the positive signs of Selfishness.

It's Not Selfish, Self Care

How Selfish Are You?

You may feel that the above said activities are impossible to follow when you want to retain all your relationships.

So Can you answer this?

What will be the worst thing that happens when you do all these?

People will probably ask you either in front of your face, “How Selfish are You?” Or behind your back, “How Selfish is he?”

Isn’t it?

You might have come across this situation from others and asked, “why are some people so selfish?”

But when you change yourself by being comfortable to be selfish for the positive things in your life, you will get the result of it within a few days.

Don’t mind the people who call you selfish because they will not be there to help you when you lose something in your life.

People may share your loss for the time being, but they cannot bring back the time you lost, and no one can bear your loss which happened in your life.

So there is nothing to have a second thought about it.

Importance of Being Selfish:

You will understand it very well once you know the importance of being selfish for your positive results.

You will get more time to do the things you love.

You can spend your self-time.

Others will not maintain your schedule.

You can be away from the unnecessary things which will never help you for your development.

You can be away from toxic relationships.

You will not stick to unavoidable commitments.

Your future will be in your hands.

You will be committed to yourself.

Most importantly, you will be happy when you work for yourself without any external influences.


It's Not Selfish, Self CareYou can understand now what makes you selfish and how it benefits you.

Initially, this Selfishness will make you uncomfortable for a while, and you will get into it when the days pass by.

Also, people around you will get used to it furthermore they try to understand your nature.

Once people understand you, they will never expect anything from you. They conclude themselves that you will not sacrifice your productive hours for the things they afford for.

Instead of being in a commitment with others, you can be in a commitment with yourself. Fortunately, you will get the best of everything in your life.

Hence don’t be sorry for being selfish unless someone is affected by your actions; instead, feel proud of living for yourself.

Shout it out boldly “I am Selfish!”.

You can share with me if you are selfish already or going to be.

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