Are you an independent person?


Are you still depending on anyone?

Being independent doesn’t mean that you have to live your life without anyone.

It means that you should not depend on anyone for anything and if you can’t make something to happen by yourself, just leave it because if you expect others to do something favourable for you, it may or may not happen then you would be disappointed so better not to expect anything from others and move on with your self try and self support.

Also waiting is the hardest thing which can be avoided by being independent because you no need to wait for anyone to do it and you no need to wait for other’s opinion too.

And if you practice yourself to be independent, then you would love yourself and you would get confident on you and you would be trained to be bold enough to handle all the situations.

It shows maturity in you, increases self respect and you would get to know your worth. So don’t ever please others and depend anyone in your life, you have to depend on yourself only. Hence be an independent person and project positivity from yourself.