Do you feel exhausted by watching the growth of others?

Sometimes the answer is yes.

But Don’t compare your life with other’s life.

Your life is different and other’s is different.

You may have different perspective about life and other may have different.

Every individual have their own lifestyle and everyone are unique in terms of character, talent, knowledge, financially and in everything.

You are great in your own skills & capabilities, others may have different skills & capabilities and they are great in that but always have in this mind, No one can replace you and one cannot live other’s life.

For example, if you are a lawyer, can you do operation for a patient in an operation theatre? At least can you give proper medical advise to anyone’s health issue? No.

Even as a Doctor, a neurologist cannot give treatment to a heart patient and a cardiologist cannot attend a patient in labor ward because they are specialist in their own area alone and they are not capable to play other’s role unless they do proper practice and get experience.

So avoid comparing yourself with others in all the manners and move on with your path so that you will not get disturbed by other’s development in their life and don’t allow anyone to ruin your life with these kind of unnecessary comparisons.

Whatever happens in your life, take it positively and be satisfied with what you have.

I have written an article about a Story of Two Children wherein I have explained this more clearly. Have a look into it.

Please do share your experience on this.